The Lost Arcade

Classic Arcade Game Museum located in Rodeo, NM

Now Open!

Now Open on Saturdays!

We are open on Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
It’s only $5 for unlimited video games. If we get enough customers then we will expand the hours.


James’ Head

A couple of cyclists found The Lost Arcade today. James was surprised to find his own head sitting next to the cash register. They were supposed to be heading north early in the day but ended up spending hours here, eating pizza, playing games and having fun.


Opening new location this Saturday

The Lost Arcade has moved to the Rodeo R.V. and Country Store. In addition to arcade games we will also have gasoline and diesel fuel, pizza and other fun foods.
Opening Saturday, May 25, 2011.

This is a smaller space so we will be rotating games in.

Come by this weekend and have some fun!
We will also be open this Monday.

Lots of new (and newer) games

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I have been really busy fixing games. Lots of them. A whole semi-truck full.
Originally I just wanted 80′s games but since we already have some from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s I figured why not have some from the 90′s and even newer, to show how games have changed and make the place more fun for everyone.

More games from a shed.

Rosanne called me up and said she had some video games in her shed that she wanted out so she could make a craft room.
Ms. Pac-Man, Pleiads, Super Cobra (in a Pac-man cabaret cab) and an empty defender cab.
Also there was a dart game, and a few vending machines including an old cigarette machine, a Rock-ola 454 Jukebox and a change machine.

There were also quite a few boxes of parts, some manuals and a box of VHS tapes of Randy Fromm’s Arcade School.

More pics of the shed
Pics of games back at the workshop

4 More Hit the Door

Star Castle, Qix, Eagle and a HeliFire Cocktail