The Lost Arcade

Classic Arcade Game Museum located in Rodeo, NM

Here We Go!

I’ve been doing a lot of rearranging, cleaning, fixing etc. and finally have the place looking decent. We have our first birthday party tomorrow. We are now open on Saturdays from 3PM to 10PM New Mexico Time. For those of you who are not from around here, we are located right on the border of New Mexico and Arizona, so we have to always say which state’s time we are going by. It can get confusing for half of the year while New Mexico is on DST.

I want to thank Mary Evans, one of our first volunteers, for helping me out getting the place ready for the birthday party. You might just get the “Volunteer of the Month” award.

Lots of new (and newer) games

Sorry I haven’t posted lately but I have been really busy fixing games. Lots of them. A whole semi-truck full.
Originally I just wanted 80′s games but since we already have some from the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s I figured why not have some from the 90′s and even newer, to show how games have changed and make the place more fun for everyone.

More games from a shed.

Rosanne called me up and said she had some video games in her shed that she wanted out so she could make a craft room.
Ms. Pac-Man, Pleiads, Super Cobra (in a Pac-man cabaret cab) and an empty defender cab.
Also there was a dart game, and a few vending machines including an old cigarette machine, a Rock-ola 454 Jukebox and a change machine.

There were also quite a few boxes of parts, some manuals and a box of VHS tapes of Randy Fromm’s Arcade School.

More pics of the shed
Pics of games back at the workshop

1963 Midway Slugger….almost home.

I want to thank Ruben and his wife (I didn’t get her name) in Phoenix, for giving me such a great deal on this game and holding it (much longer than I expected) until I could get someone to pick it up.
I also want to thank John (jawhn) in Phoenix, for picking it up for me and holding it until I can get someone to bring it here or one of us to drive back to Phoenix and pick it up.
We had plans to pick it up but due to some circumstances that were beyond our control it just didn’t happen. So thanks again to everyone who helped make this happen.

I saw a Craigslist ad for a baseball arcade game that looked like a pinball machine. After a little googling and talking to the owner of the game I found out that it is from 1963, the same year I was born. That made me want it even more. Unfortunately most of the game buying budget was gone. These things add up really quickly, and that’s without adding the cost of all the parts and materials to fix them, fuel to get them, etc. Anyway Ruben was really nice and wanted to help me be able to have this in the museum so he said for me to make him an offer. I was actually embarrassed because I couldn’t offer very much. Ruben said he would talk to his wife and then call me back. His counter offer was barely any more than my offer so I accepted and he said he would hold the game for a while until I could find someone to pick it up.

I was really feeling bad that we couldn’t go pick up the game or find someone to do it and then John was nice enough to go and get it so I feel much better about the whole thing now.

While I’m thanking people, I also want to thank my wife, Kathleen, she knows that I’m crazy, but somehow can live with that. Even though she doesn’t really understand why I like these game so much, she is being very supportive.

I really can’t explain why I have such a passion for these old games, but I do. It’s almost like an obsession. When I go to get a new game there is such a feeling of excitement, like finding buried treasure or opening presents on Christmas morning. Maybe it’s because my Dad was manager at Shakey’s Pizza when I was growing up and I was there so much. I can remember when we got Pong and Tank and there were always new pinball machines coming in. I worked at another Shakey’s years later and pumped more quarters into the machines that were there. I’ve worked at an Aladdin’s Castle arcade, played lots of arcade games when I was a carny (first time I played Dragon’s Lair), traveling with the shows, there used to be arcade games everywhere you went. I would always try to find the local arcade or even that one machine at 7-11 or High’s (I lived in VA. too).

Now, I rarely see arcade games anywhere and when I do they are usually fighting games, hunting games, redemption games, there are a few driving games, but I usually just pass them by.

Hopefully other people will enjoy this arcade game museum as much as I know I will, as I already am, just buying and fixing these old gems.

And since this post was supposed to be about the 1963 Midway Slugger baseball game, here are some pics that John took.

Here are a few links I found about it too.

4 More Hit the Door

Star Castle, Qix, Eagle and a HeliFire Cocktail

Rip Off and Asteroids and Dig Dug, Oh My!

Billy and Daylin are going to make our Asteroids and Rip Off look a little nicer today as well as replace the old crumbling buttons. Joey, our Schwans guy has been looking for games for us, and found some that a local guy Tom Upshaw, had in his shed. Sadly Mr. Upshaw died before we were able to meet him but his wife Marleen was very nice and we ended up with the 2 games. Both work great. This picture was taken the day we got them with just a little cleaning being done. The Dig Dug is great just the way we got it although it did have a rom error, but that was an easy fix.